Barcelona from 17 to 19 June 2015
Shaping the Future of News Media, the International Conference on Integrated Journalism Education, Research and Innovation

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The project "Integrated Journalism in Europe" funded by the EU, ERASMUS LLP (528057-LLP-1-ES-ERASMUS-FEXI), is linked to changes in the European higher education curriculum and global media changes. In the ever-evolving media landscape, universities should carry out research into and encourage the adoption of new dynamics and innovative techniques in the newsrooms, in order to train a new generation of versatile journalists. A consortium set up by five European member universities (Pompeu Fabra University, Université Paris 8, Danish School of Media and Journalism, Babes-Bolyai University and Linnaeus University) is cooperating to promote four key cornerstones in journalism education today:

  1. Innovation in media convergence
  2. Collaborative ties between universities and media organizations
  3. Professional simulation in classrooms
  4. Internationalization of teaching

The long-term goal of the project is to create an innovative methodology of journalism integration that establishes what media companies expect nowadays from future journalists. This demand and the move toward greater media convergence serve to adapt the teaching systems in our universities to these expectations.

Bearing this core goal in mind, IJIE’s fundamental objectives are:

  • the development of methods for the convergence of media
  • the creation of a Journalism Student Correspondent Network
  • the provision of proposals for simulation training at college
  • the proposal of different integrated journalism models for diverse universities and companies
  • the greater involvement of media organizations at university level
  • the development of a pedagogical methodology that enhances new skills for journalists
  • the design of educational materials to promote the integrated newsroom model
  • the promotion and maintenance of a network of European universities.

The IJIE project has already developed a series of relevant outputs. These include a database, a guidebook and an interactive online map of European universities that provide training in journalism and offer different national reports on the academic and professional situation of integrated journalism, based on the review of the scientific literature available and 60 interviews with key-holders. Further steps include the drawing up of a ten-tip guide with recommendations and a course guide. Additionally, the consortium will finish the development of EUROMAIN, an online platform that will be the system for the future European Network of Journalism Student Correspondents, which will allow for the cross-border collaboration between European students in the design of journalistic contents. All these outputs will be tested during a pilot week to be held at Pompeu Fabra University in March 2015.

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